What can I do with a Full Face Snorkeling Mask from OCEAN REEF? Why have they invented the ARIA? Why should I be interested in a FFSM (Full Face Snorkeling Mask)? What the videos to learn more!


Simplicity is without doubt the main feature of the Aria Snorkeling Mask. Some doubt might however arise when you first try it on! In order to experience your Aria and customize it, watch these video tutorials.

Be sure to check how to wear a Full Face Snorkeling Mask properly, what to do and what not to do.

Always be aware of your surroundings and never underestimate water environment. Know your limits, listen to your body and Snorkel safely – under lifeguard’s supervision.

Don’t snorkel alone unless confident swimmer and knowledgeable about the location and ocean conditions.

Never leave children unattended while snorkeling.



FFSM instructions.pdf

Full Face Snorkeling Masks instructions 

Snorkie Talkie Manual.pdf

Snorkie Talkie Manual